Country: Uganda Language: Englisch, Swahili, Luganda, Lusoga
Organisationen: Inter Religious Council of Uganda - National Coordinating Committee for the Women of Faith Network in Uganda - Restoring and Empowering Communities
Expertise: Education, Youth, Gender Focus area: Academic Religious affiliation: Islam

Nationale Koordinatorin, Women’s Affairs Uganda Muslim Supreme Council

Tegulwa Nageeba Hassan  springboard towards interreligious and cultural experience was her eight years of teaching experience at an Aga Khan Primary School in Pakistan. She then worked in the promotion of the common ground of humanity and a common experience of human dignity. From 2007 she was involved in a variety of projects at Community level. During this time she had the opportunity to work with different religious groups. She has participated in interfaith dialogues, exchange visits, conferences and workshops that have been organized by a number of countries and organizations, including UMSC, GNRC, IRCU and REC in Uganda, Somaliland and Thailand. Your passion for peacebuilding and the inclusion of women in peace-making processes leading to successful global gender initiatives, including the integration of women at important control points in the constitutions of UMSC and IRCU. It held religious leaders at the 2nd Ministerial Meeting on enhancing security cooperation and the operationalization of the African Peace and Security Architecture and campaigned for the creation of the EAC Interreligious Council. She works with students and teachers on curricula on anti-bullying, cultural diversity and welfare of children and interreligious initiatives with people from different tribes, cultures and faiths. Their motto is: "Before we belong to a tribe, an ethnic group, color, religion, class or political mindset, we are first of all people - everyone is special and unique."